JABOUN was founded in 1985 and started to manufacture simple panels in a small workshop located in west of Tehran; nowadays the company is the largest and most modern panel builder in the middle east.
JABOUN products are mostly low and medium voltage high quality withdrawable switchgears.

Jaboun’s switchgears are produced in a wide range of current, voltage and applications which means JABOUN can be your partner whenever you need electrical panels. We believe that “Dynamism is the key to eternality” and with that in mind we are always trying to expand our capabilities in order to serve and empower our customers in the best possible way.
The present annual capacity of the company is 5500 cubicles which includes:
A: Withdrawable / fixed low voltage switchgears.
B: Withdrawable / fixed medium voltage switchgears from 3.3 KV up to 36 KV.
C: Protection & control panels for distribution and high voltage substations.
D: Industrial automation and power management systems and process control panels.

JABOUN has centralized factory with more than 40,000 square meters land and 23,000 square meters workshop and side buildings. The metal workshop is equipped with advanced and modern machineries such as robotic bending and welding machines, laser cut punching device and many other modern facilities which makes Jaboun able to assemble and manufacture its products with highest quality and standard.

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