International Electrotechnical Commission

The IEC is the world’s leading organization that publishes globally relevant International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies, supports all forms of conformity assessment and administers 3rd party CA Systems.
The IEC was founded in 1906.This organization gathers 166 countries, and 15000 experts from industry test & research labs, government, academia and consumer groups.
Millions of electrical or electronic products and systems in homes, office, healthcare facilities, factories, public spaces, power generation, transportation, and more, rely on IEC International Standards and the services of the IEC CA (Conformity Assessment) Systems.
IEC International Standards are globally recognized as providing the highest guarantee of quality. Using IEC International Standards in the design and manufacturing process of electrical devices provides powerful evidence that a product is reasonably safe and demonstrates that state of the art expertise was applied. This in turn can help reduce liability risks.
We (JABOUN Co) coordinate our activity (Design, manufacture and test) depend on IEC rules to ensure that our product meet necessary safety and performance.
Some standard that JABOUN will be used in product as a major guide are attached.

Jaboun Archive International Standard
Low voltage switchgear & controlgear assembelies-part 1:General rulesEdition 2.0-2011-0861439-1IEC
Low voltage switchgear & controlgear assembelies-part 2:Power switchgear & controlgear assembeliesEdition 2.0-2011-0861439-2IEC
Low voltage switchgear & controlgear assembelies-part 6:Busbar trunking system(Busways)Edition 1.0-2012-0561439-6IEC
High voltage switchgear & controlgear-part 1:common specificationEdition 1.1-2011-0862271-1IEC
High voltage switchgear & controlgear-part 100:Alternating current circuit breakersEdition 2.1-2012-0962271-100IEC
High voltage switchgear & controlgear-part 102:Alternating current disconnector & Earthing switchEdition 1.2-2013-0262271-102IEC
High voltage switchgear & controlgear-part 103:Switches for rated voltage above 1KV up to and including 52KVEdition 1.0 -2011-0662271-103IEC
High voltage switchgear & controlgear-part 105:Alternating Current Switch FuseEdition….. -2012-1262271-105IEC
High voltage switchgear & controlgear-part 106:Alternating current Contactor ,Contactor based controller and motor starterEdition 1.0 -2011-0862271-106IEC
High voltage switchgear & controlgear-part 1:common specificationEdition 2.0-2011-1062271-200IEC
High voltage switchgear & controlgear-part 202:High voltage/Lowvotage Prefabricated SubstationEdition…..2007-0162271-202IEC
Instrument transformer-part 1:current transformerEdition 1.2-2003-0260044-1IEC
Instrument transformer-part 1:Inductive voltage transformerEdition 1.2-2003-0260044-2IEC
Degree of protection provided by enclouserEdition 2.1-2001-0260529IEC
High voltage test techniques-part 1:General definitions and test requirmentEdition 3.0-2010-0960060-1IEC
Low voltage switchgear & controlgear-part 2:Circuit BreakerEdition 4.2-2013-0160947-2IEC
Low voltage switchgear & controlgear-part 3:Switches , Disconnectors and fuse combinationEdition 3.1-2012-0460947-3IEC
High voltage fuses-part1:Current limiting fusesEdition 7.0-2009-1060282-1IEC
High voltage fuses-part2:Expulsion fusesEdition3.0-2008-0460282-2IEC
Measuring Relay and Protection EquipmentEdition…….-2010-0160255-1IEC